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About Manna Production


Manna Production is located in the heart of the Cascades. This Indoor Tier One is high up in the mountain tops, with stunning views overlooking the Wenatchee River.  We strive here at Manna Production to ensure every bud is treated with care. From seedling to delivery your buds are carefully Harvested, Trimmed, Packaged and Delivered with the highest quality assurance. With this we are able guarantee consistency in our business relationships as well as in our product.

Our goal is simple; Grow Amazing Cannabis. Due to this modo we only carry 3-5 strains at a time, offering each strain the ability to truly unlock its full potential. We currently offer Flower product, Flower by product & Trim. To learn more or to get pricing please see our contact page to request more information.

Who is Manna Production?

Lee Duncan (left) has been carring/growing for your product since Oct,2014. Day in and day out, these girls get individual attention to best suite their needs, you wont find care like this anywhere else.


Lee P. Duncan

"There is no such thing as a master Grower, there is always so much more to learn"


Opal Segers (right) is your go to gal. Between managing the state system, Opal handles all packaging, Marketing needs. From Harvest to delivery, these girls are carefully hand packaged with love from my hands to yours.

Opal Segers

"Our consumers are a part of the Manna Team, without you, we wouldn't be here. A special Thank you, to all you Wonderful Manna Fans out there!

That's right folks, these two right here are who is responsible for Manna Production. Together as husband and wife team, they are taking on the world one bud at a time.

Meet The Girls

Wonder Woman


Indica dominant hybrid


Our Wonder Woman is one of our most popular strains. With a heavy punch and ability to make people relaxed, it’s no Wonder why Wonder Woman is highly sought after. Be careful though, or you may find yourself rummaging through the kitchen late at night.

Click here to learn more or find it in a store near you!

New York Power Diesel (NYPD)


One of our best sellers for the over 3 years, she is back and better than ever! With her re-release to a store near you this girl is one sweet tasting treat. This Sativa hybrid will keep you going through your day, while avoiding any heavy tiredness. 



Tangerine Dream


Tangerine Dream

Is known for it’s stunning structure and her sticky bud with beautiful tri-comes glistening all over. With pungent aromas, and a nice even high, this girl is one of our personal favorites. Not too heavy and Not too light we refer to this girl as our Goldie Locks strain.






Mac 1, also known as "The MAC," is a hybrid marijuana strain that crosses Alien Cookies F2 with Miracle 15. Mac 1 is a popular strain that consumers turn to for upbeat and balancing effects


Super Manna


Our Super Manna is a one of a kind. With Wonder Woman and NYPD genetics, she packs a powerful punch with a fruity deisel/lemon smell. Giving you uphoria, while still being able to keep a level head.


Our Strains
Growing Methods



At 90% Sativa this girl is perfect for daytime use. Her smooth blended flavor along with her sweet taste she is best described as upliftingcreativeeuphoric. 


Our Growing Methods

Our Indoor farm consists of two levels and four rooms. With 3 bloom rooms, we are able to house between 25-30 plants per room. With two sides (per bloom room) on alternating harvest schedules of roughly two weeks consisting of 16-20 plants at a time. We are able to have a steady supply of premium product. We use Coco as our medium, double ended high pressure sodium bulbs for maximum light penetration, Mills nutrients, No pesticides Ever, only 25”B” compliant during veg stage. To learn more please contact us.

Did you know that Lee Duncan ran for Chelan County Commissioner?

After Chelan County put a virtual out right ban on nearly 45 local Cannabis farmers; costing the local economy over 600 jobs, Lee stepped up in attempts to save fellow farms as well as his own.

Lee also is the founder of Central Washington Growers Association (CWGA). This allowed for local farmers to come together to fight the unjust actions of the county! Sadly, even with after multiple protests, thousands of dollars in lawyers and Lee’s campaign attempts to educate the County, it was not enough. Manna Production is the only permitted farm left in Chelan county at this time. With over 40 farms already closed, only a small possibility of perhaps one or two other farms will live to see another day.

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